At my 26 years old I discovered my great passion, abstract art.
I always knew I had talent in painting, drawing and plastic arts. It was my hobby as a child and I was an excellent student in art classes at my school.

But I never gave it importance.
I focused on studying, I graduated in business at the University of Barcelona. I took several language courses and became a polyglot.

At the age of 23 I started working in one of the biggest multinationals in the world. I quickly knew that I loved creating connections with people and that I wanted to learn more about business and sales.

The next 5 years I worked as an Area Manager in two large multinationals. At the age of 28 I achieved everything I set my mind to. A good position in a good company, good conditions, a good boss, a good salary. It seemed I had it all.

It was then when I realized that I was building a successful life, but on the wrong path. I had it all, yet I was not happy.   


At that time, painting was already in my life on an almost daily basis. Creating, painting and dedicating hours to it in exchange for my own satisfaction made me happy.

It was then when I understood that this was my path, I made the big decision, I left everything to dedicate myself only to create through art.

I had to start practically from scratch, I not only had to train as an artist but also as an entrepreneur.

That's how Celius Art started, I merged my great passion with my training and business experience.