I created Celius Art with a purpose, I wanted to feel good, I wanted to feel free, I wanted to be me. I wanted to focus on what really made me vibrate. I wanted to create from my essence.
My first big challenge was to break down my fears, insecurities and beliefs that didn't allow me to move forward. I knew I had to do it to be aligned with my purpose so I did it.
I quickly understood that what I created had a very positive impact on people, that helped me to want to motivate and inspire people through art.
My values as an artist, is that my works are unique, authentic and exclusive. For me it is important to differentiate myself as an artist, that's why I have created my own technique and my own style.
My greatest inspiration is nature, so in one way or another it will always be reflected in my work.
But my art goes much further, my works have their own language, each person who observes my work can see and feel different things. In fact, it is a game of reflections, a link is created between work and soul.
My art is constantly evolving, however, I always keep my essence and my values. My pieces are easy to recognize, that makes them unique and with a clear identity.
For me it is important that my art can reach different audiences, that's why I have the Originals, which are the large format pieces and Home Decor, the small decorative pieces.
Celius Art is passion, commitment, art, creativity, energy, elegance, empathy, credibility, quality, adaptability, sustainability, responsibility, professionalism, honesty, freedom, balance, exclusivity, humanity, service, cooperation and simplicity.