A few days ago I asked on instagram what was your favorite color, and guess what, it was blue. I'm not surprised that most of the commissions and inquiries of my works are for the blue ones. For your curiosity the next most voted favorite color was green.



I have to tell you that I love to make artworks in this color, I feel comfortable, I feel confident, I feel that it is part of myself.



Also the combination with gold makes it more unique, the sparkles of gold are magical, it transmits a lot of light to the work.



  I had the honor to see the artwork hanging on the collector's wall. He hung it in the entrance of his beautiful house. He changed an old painting for "Resistance" the change is incredible, the light and color it gives to the entrance is speachless. You can see it on my instagram. Let me know in comments what you think.

Instagram Post


Medium: Resin and mixed media on board

Size: 100 x 120 cm - 39,37" x 47,24"