I’m writing these words and I still can't believe it. My first international exhibition at the "Biennale di Venezia"

This week my artwork "AFLUENCE" 100 x 100 cm is in the 59th Biennale di Venezia, is a prestigious international exhibition that takes place every two years in Venice, for several weeks you can find exhibitions of painting, music, dance, architecture, cinema etc.

In my case, I have exhibited only one artwork and it will be available for a week, from July 19 to July 25 at the Palazzo di Pisani Revedin.

I painted "AFLUENCE" expressly for this exhibition, I wanted to exhibit something that really identified me. A blue piece with golden sparkles, this time I used 23k gold. This artwork represents subtlety and movement, the ocean represented by the blue and the reflection of the sunlight by the gold. Movement of the waves and subtlety of the light. This artwork means a lot to me, what do you see in it?

Do you want me to tell you more in detail about my experience in an exhibition and the mistakes I have learned and what have I loved?




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