Celius Art started as a personal project, I wanted to leave all my fears behind in search of freedom.

I spent many years ignoring and undervaluing my talent, I never gave it the importance it deserved, my focus was elsewhere, I focused on studying languages, going to university, having a successful career, working in large multinationals, I wanted to have an excellent curriculum, and I got it, but there was something in me that did not work, that wasn’t right. It took me a long time to understand it, I didn’t understand why I didn’t feel fulfilled if I got everything I proposed, but eventually I realized that I was in the wrong place, that this was not my place. I was building a life to succeed, but on the wrong path.



At the end of 2019, I decided to give myself some space and time to cultivate my creativity and experiment with different artistic techniques, until in early 2020 I hit upon the materials that made me vibrate the most, I was excited. Soon after arrived the Covid19, the world came to a standstill and I took advantage of it to learn and deepen to the maximum with these new materials, in three months I learned what I would have done in years. The results of my works were magic, I could not believe what my creativity and talent were creating. I boycotted myself thinking that this was worthless, that anyone could do it. 

What I was sure of was what I felt when I painted, I felt a deep freedom, a form of expression that I had never experienced before, fears disappeared, it was my place, I had finally found my place.

I decided to bet on my art, I wanted to show my work to the world, I didn't want it to stay at home, what I was experiencing was too big to hide it and not show it to the world.



I decided to build Celius Art as a personal project, where I would leave all my fears behind and go in search of freedom. I had several challenges to overcome. The first one, exposing myself to the world, was a huge wall with many fears that I had to break down, but I knew I had to do it and I did it. I got down to work on what really made me vibrate, I informed and trained myself to take the next steps and build solid pillars. I quickly understood that what I created had a very positive impact on people. The challenges were getting bigger and bigger, but I was ready to overcome them all. 

I decided to quit my job, everything I had built since I was a teenager was going to disappear, I was going to start all over again, it was very scary, but inside I knew that leaving that job was the right thing to do. My focus and energy had to be in Celius Art. 




And here I am now, behind and in front of Celius Art, building and creating from my essence, from my truth and from my being. I love what I do, merging with art, evoking nature (my greatest inspiration), creating works of art and helping others to enhance their creativity through Abstract Art with my course. 

Celius Art is passion, commitment, art, creativity, energy, elegance, empathy, credibility, quality, adaptability, sustainability, responsibility, professionalism, honesty, freedom, balance, exclusivity, humanity, service, cooperation and simplicity.